What’s special about Wag Resort?

Seeking compassionate care for your dog? Eliminate the guilt and anxiety that often accompanies leaving a pet behind by trusting the skilled team of Wag Resort. From Tiny Town – which caters to smaller dogs – to our White Whiskers package – designed specifically with the older and wiser in mind – we aim to take the worry out by providing the most suitable option for your dog. With private suites, individual air systems, indoor and outdoor play spaces and personal exercise plans, your dog might not want to come home!

Whatever your needs, we have a boarding option that works for your budget and your dog!

Boarding at Wag Resort is special. Each dog enjoys their own private, luxury suite (either all indoor or indoor with an outdoor patio) with three yard visits per day. That means your dog will receive fresh air, socialization, exercise and mental stimulation that you likely won’t find with other dog sitting, dog walking or traditional kennel options. You can even upgrade to a full day of play for a small additional fee. Plus, with our experienced team of professionals overseeing all activities, our canine guests are safe and well cared for, so their pet parents can have a total peace of mind!

Dogs, just like humans, are social critters and thrive on companionship.

With this in mind, we designed our overnight care so your pet is able to spend most of the day having fun and romping around with his doggy friends. This special type of physical activity is good for your dog’s health and psyche; they focus on playing with their best friends and not on missing you.

Because they have plenty of time outdoors, dogs at the Wag Resort don’t worry about their next potty break. This is particularly useful for older dogs and puppies that might have a hard time holding it!


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The Suites at Wag Resort

Unlike other kennels that have old fashioned, chain link enclosures, we believe that our furry guests are special and that’s why each one has a fabulous, private lodging suite. Our accommodations are roomlike indoor suites, some with outdoor patios, depending on whether your dog likes total privacy or more social interaction with a larger space. All suites are climate controlled and offer a relaxing, quiet space to get a good night’s sleep and rejuvenate for the next day’s adventures.

Tiny Town

Tiny Town is designed for the small, yet mighty! We are one of the very few pet resorts in the entire US that has a specially designed and built space for strictly small dogs. We believe that small breeds are most comfortable with other dogs of their size and should not be scared, or intimated, by larger breeds. Tiny Town has a beautiful indoor play area with direct access to a separate, large outdoor courtyard. During the day, most of the pint-sized kids hang out in the communal areas and nights are spent in private suites built with the needs of small breeds in mind. We understand that some of our small guests are happier hanging out with humans than other dogs and have plenty of activity options just for them – call to discuss!

Come and Go’s

Come and Go’s are suites designed for dogs who prefer their own company. If you have a dog that prefers a little peace, quiet and solitude, Come and Go’s are the perfect option. Your dog will have his own spacious, private indoor suite with an outdoor patio, a comfy bed and plenty of daily TLC. If your dog doesn’t want to participate in group play, we have plenty of one-on-one activities for you to choose from. We also offer Family Rooms, designed for multi-dog families where all your dogs can stay together in a large room with their own yard – call to discuss! Check out our Activities Page!

White Whiskers

White Whiskers is designed for our “Older and Wiser” guests. Your senior pet will enjoy the comfort and luxury of a private suite with an outdoor patio, an orthopedic bed, soft flooring and extra special care. Our staff is specifically trained in the handling, medicating and observation of the senior pets – the entire staff is also First Aid certified so you can rest assured that your special needs pet will be well taken care of.

Fun and Safety

The Wag Resort is owned by Peggy Barron, a dog behaviorist and trainer with more than 25 years of experience in high quality pet care. The systems and procedures that have been implemented at the Wag Resort ensure that play buddies are properly matched based on their size, temperament and activity level. The entire staff at The Wag Resort is thoroughly trained and tested on dog language, behavior, pack management and play style – ensuring a safe play experience for our doggy guests. Additionally, 100% of our team is First Aid Certified!
The Great Outdoors!

We have 17 outdoor play yards with misting systems, wading pools, splash pools and doggy play equipment. Because we have so many different spaces, it allows us to keep our playgroups small and safe.
Indoor Playspace!

As nice as the weather is on the Western Slope, the sun and cold can hamper the best of play dates. With our indoor playspace, your dog is guaranteed a good time no matter what Mother Nature gives us!


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