What’s special about Doggies Palace?
Seeking compassionate care for your dog? Eliminate the guilt and anxiety that often accompanies leaving a pet behind by trusting the skilled team of Doggies Palace. We aim to take the worry out by providing the most suitable option for your dog. Indoor and outdoor play spaces and personal exercise plans, your dog might not want to come home!

Whatever you need, we have a boarding option that works for your budget and your dog!

Dogs, just like humans, are social critters and thrive on companionship.

With this in mind, we designed our overnight care so your pet is able to spend most of the day having fun and romping around with his doggy friends. This special type of physical activity is good for your dog’s health and psyche; they focus on playing with their best friends and not on missing you.

Because they have plenty of time outdoors, dogs at the Doggies Palace don’t worry about their next potty break. This is particularly useful for older dogs and puppies that might have a hard time holding it!

Service Highlights

  • Crate-Free, luxury suites allow your dog to feel comfortable and at home during their stay
  • 24/7 care and supervision from our professionally trained staff
  • All suites are cleaned and sterilized daily to provide a sanitary environment
  • Beautifully designed suites provide the ultimate in overnight canine accommodations
  • Each dog is treated with love and respect with lots of individualized attention and plenty of pets and rubs