Day Care

Fun, Safe Dog Daycare
One of the most important decisions dog owners make is what to do with their dogs while they’re at work. Some dogs are totally happy spending the day napping on the couch, but there’s a better way. Doggy DayCare provides dogs with important socialization, unlimited potty breaks, tons of exercise, structure, training, and the pleasure of spending their days with their canine friends and our fun staff!


Why Work with Doggies Palace?

  • Individualized care to meet the needs of you and your dog
  • Expert staff dedicated to each dog’s happiness and wellbeing
  • Multiple play and stay areas to accommodate all dog temperaments
  • We ensure that your best friend is fed, walked, pampered, destressed, and has time to recharge alone or socialize. Whatever is best for you and your dog is what we strive to provide
  • Multiple add-on activities allow you to customize your dog’s stay